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Perle Interior

Our Founder

Karen Ho started her first interior design project way back in 1999. Over the years, she completed nearly a thousand projects since – both residential and commercial.

She also renovated for various brands such as Double-Trans and Raduga. Back in 2010, Perle was called Junwang Decor, and it was just Karen and a small office room.

As a firm believer in delivering value to her clients, Karen managed to pull through multiple years with just referrals from previous homeowners and business owners’ commercial and home renovation.

After a properly thought-out discussion followed by serious rebranding, she renamed the company to Perle Interior a couple of years later and it has stuck to her since. She continues to keep herself updated in design trends in order to further inspire her existing and new clients along the way.

Rough Waters

With the huge amount of interior design firms out there in Singapore, it became increasingly competitive.

The number of referral jobs steadily dwindled as technology became more and more accessible. Everyone and anyone has access to many interior design companies with just a click of a button on their phones.

Yet we are unfazed by that fact and continue to be consistent in delivering value and quality to every single commercial or home renovation.

Us Today

Today, we are aware of the increased demand for higher quality yet affordable commercial or home renovation services in Singapore. So we began to shift our focus.

Our team began to deliver even more value yet being consistent in what we are good at – interior designing. We’re more easily available online and we even offer 3D artworks to any homeowners who are simply willing to even consider us.

We are focused on both designing and also handling both your commercial and home renovation work from start till finish. We are twenty years young in this industry and have served many various owners from all walks of life. Hey, you could be the next.

We can’t wait to see you here at Perle Interior!

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