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Instead of simply preparing a quotation for you
we would like to offer a free 3D artwork for your next renovation work before we discuss about the quotation.
That way
you can visualize your home better.

What would you be getting for free?

Perle Cheap Interior Designer Singapore

Space Planning

Using your floorplan, we will plan the most optimal type of furniture in your home based on your requirements.

3D Artwork Design (Worth $150)

You will receive a perspective view of your 3D artwork for free. That way you can get an idea of how your ideal home will look like.

Why are we doing it for free?

Our objective is to allow Singaporeans to view their dream home in 3D before actually renovating their home to have an imagination of your home. Typical interior design agencies would require you to engage them first before preparing your 3D image.

In Perle, we make sure there are no commitments required before you decide, and yet experience how your home will look like for free.


For your upcoming home or commercial renovation

Request a free 3D artwork

For Your Upcoming Renovation