Perle Interior

We provide interior designs and renovation services for your home or commercial needs.

In Perle Interior, we follow a list of organized structured work style to provide transparency and making sure our clients are worry-free.

How you get started

Step 1: Consultation. In our first consultation with you we will get to know you better to understand you more. This will allow us to further understand your desired concept in mind. That way, we can prepare and plan your space better that suits your requirements for your next appointment with us.

Step 2: Design. During our next appointment, our designers will propose an appropriate space and design planning, alongside with a free 3D render of your projected design. This is all accompanied by a custom-tailored presentation that suits your requirements.

Step 3: Finalizing. Once you are comfortable with the design and concept, we will prepare a quotation for you to confirm and a contract will be signed once you decide to follow through.

Step 4: Materials. After finalising, our designer will then guide you through and provide ideal colors and materials to use for your renovation

Step 5: Renovation.   Our designer will consistently keep you updated on a regular basis so you do not have to worry and accompany you if you ever want to make your way down to view the status of your existing renovation process.

Step 6: Handover. After the renovation is complete, we will then run through with you to check for defects. Once all the defects are detected and settled, we will then finalise the handover for you to move into your new home/office.

Request a free 3D artwork

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